# The Job System

You can collect lottery tickets by going for trades. To change a lottery ticket you have to click on it. You can either get expensive or trash items.

  • Expensive Items you can get from the lottery ticket on DemonRoad:
 - Immortal Stone (Lv 12)
 - Astral Stone (Lv 12)
 - Random amount of DP
 - Reputation
 - Achievement
 - Extra stat point
 - EGY type set item
 - Socket Stone

 And many more!

Lottery tickets drop from NPC thieves if you're trader, and from NPC hunters if you're a thief.


Please always make sure you have enough free slot(s) in your inventory before exchanging one or more tickets!

Monthly top 3 players who exchanged the most tickets receive a reward:
1st: 800 DP
2nd: 600 DP
3rd: 400 DP